What are No Brainers?

Cashback websites like Quidco,TopCashBack and WePromiseTo are great. They give you a whole heap of money back for purchasing products and services online, just as you normally would. Want to know more about how cashback sites work?

A 'No Brainer' is cashback loophole where you get more cash back than you had to spend to earn it. For example, a service might cost £10 to sign up for, but you might get £15 back from Quidco for doing so (plus you get the service you've bought too!). In many cases, there's no initial spend required at all. It really is a no brainer! This website provides a searchable list of all those merchents where you earn more money than you spend. If you were to select the best paying cashback option for each of the companies listed, you would earn the total at the top of this page. Fantastic!

It gets even better too! We are currently offering a £5 TopCashback signup bonus!

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Company Cashback Site Spend Receive Earnings Payment Speed
32Red BingoTopCashback20.0026.256.256Speed unconfirmed days ago
AA Credit CardsQuidco0.0010.0010.004Rate expires Soon
AA Reward Credit CardTopCashback0.0010.0010.006 days ago
Ace Live CasinoTopCashback20.0021.001.003 days ago
American Express CashbackQuidco0.0015.0015.004Must have Household income of 30k+
American Express PlatinumQuidco0.0050.0050.006Speed unconfirmed
AudibleQuidco0.004.004.002Free Trial
Big Fat LottosTopCashback5.0012.607.603 days ago
Butlers BingoTopCashback10.0021.6011.600 days ago
Check My FileTopCashback0.005.305.300Free Trial. Remember to unsubscribe
Confused.com Car insurancQuidco0.006.006.003Earnings for Max 3 Quotes. Speed Unconfirmed
Confused.com Car InsurancTopCashback0.003.693.693Max 3 Quotes
Confused.com Home insuranQuidco0.003.003.006Earnings for Max 3 Quotes. Speed Unconfirmed
Confused.com Home InsuranTopCashback0.003.093.093Max 3 Quotes
Credit ExpertTopCashback0.005.255.254Free Trial. Remember to unsubscribe!
DriveNowTopCashback0.005.255.253 days ago
EquifaxTopCashback0.008.928.923Free Trial. Remember to unsubscribe!
Get Me A TicketQuidco0.001.001.006
Get Me A TicketTopCashback0.000.720.723
GiffGaffQuidco0.000.500.506Free Sim. Speed unconfirmed
GiffGaffTopCashback0.000.500.506Free Sim. Speed unconfirmed
GoCompareTopCashback0.005.405.402Max 3 Quotes
GrazeQuidco0.001.001.003Free Trial
GrazeTopCashback0.001.051.052Free Trial
Heart BingoQuidco10.0015.005.003
Jackpot 247TopCashback10.0021.0011.006 days ago
Match.comTopCashback0.005.255.252Free Trial
MoneyDsahboardTopCashback0.009.979.973 days ago
Paddy PowerQuidco10.0020.0010.003Rate expires Soon. Must not be already registered
Paddy Power BingoTopCashback10.0021.0011.003Must not already be a member of PaddyPower
Paddy Power BingoQuidco10.0015.005.004Must not be already registered
Paddy Power CasinoTopCashback10.0010.500.503Must not already be a member of PaddyPower
Paddy Power GamesQuidco10.0020.0010.004Must not be already registered
Paddy Power GamesTopCashback10.0037.7527.753Must not already be a member of PaddyPower
Paddy Power SportsbookTopCashback10.0020.2010.203Must not already be a member of PaddyPower
Party CasinoQuidco16.0030.0014.003Check terms
Party CasinoTopCashback14.0030.3016.303Must not already be a member of a PartyGaming Site
Party PokerQuidco13.0030.0017.003Check terms
Party PokerTopCashback14.0030.3016.303Must not already be a member of a PartyGaming Site
Populas Live SurveysTopCashback0.000.890.895
Prestige CasinoTopCashback20.0057.7537.753 days ago
Santander EverydayQuidco0.0033.3333.334
TendeaTopCashback0.001.511.516Free Registration days ago
TopFox CompetitionsTopCashback0.001.011.016Speed unconfirmed
VodafoneQuidco0.000.500.502Free Sim
Which?TopCashback1.008.257.2531 Month Trail, Remember to Cancel! days ago
William Hill BingoQuidco10.0030.0020.006Speed unconfirmed
William Hill CasinoTopCashback35.0063.0028.004Must not already be a member of william hill group