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Hey Super Parents,

We’re about to share a parenting hack that not only makes managing allowances a breeze but also puts cash back in your pocket! Introducing gohenry – the ultimate pocket money solution for kids – and guess what? You can earn a fantastic £12.60 in cashback with a 3-month free trial! Get ready for a win-win that makes parenting a little easier on the wallet.

Why gohenry? gohenry is not just a pocket money app; it’s a financial learning tool designed for the digital age. With gohenry, you can set up individual child accounts, control spending, and teach your kids vital money management skills in a safe and controlled environment.

How to Earn £12.60 Cashback:

  1. Visit TopCashback: Kickstart your savings journey by visiting the TopCashback website. If you’re not part of the TopCashback family yet, signing up is quick, easy, and free.
  2. Search for gohenry: Once you’re in, use the search bar to find gohenry on TopCashback. Spot the generous cashback offer that’s about to make your 3-month free trial even sweeter.
  3. Click Through to gohenry: Click on the cashback offer, and let TopCashback guide you to the gohenry platform. Get ready to revolutionize how your family approaches pocket money.
  4. Sign Up for the 3-Month Free Trial: Register for the gohenry 3-month free trial and set up individual accounts for your kids. Explore the app’s features and watch as your children gain valuable financial skills.
  5. Enjoy £12.60 Cashback: As you embark on your gohenry journey, TopCashback will be working behind the scenes, adding a fantastic £12.60 in cashback to your account. It’s like getting paid to empower your kids with financial knowledge!

Top Tips for Parenting Wins:

  • Use the Learning Hub: Explore gohenry’s Learning Hub for resources and activities to teach your kids about money in a fun and engaging way.
  • Set Spending Limits: Take advantage of gohenry’s spending controls to guide your children in making responsible financial decisions.

Ready to empower your kids and score some cashback along the way? Head over to TopCashback, sign up for the gohenry 3-month free trial, and let the parenting and savings victories begin!

Here’s to smart parenting, financial literacy, and a little extra cash in your pocket! 💳👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💰

What will stop me getting cashback?

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