[EXPIRED] SimplyCook | Spend: £3 | Get: £5 + 4 Free meals

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Quidco are currently offering an increased £5 cashback when you purchase a trial box (£3) from Simply Cook. The box comes with free delivery and contains the sauces, herbs and spices along with easy to follow recipes to prepare delicious food at home.

Hello food enthusiasts and savvy savers,

We’ve got a treat that’s not just delicious but also incredibly rewarding. How about earning £2.40 in free cashback just for exploring the world of culinary delights with a free trial from SimplyCook, courtesy of our friends at Quidco? Get ready to spice up your kitchen and your savings with this mouthwatering offer!

Why SimplyCook? SimplyCook is your passport to culinary adventures without the hassle. They provide chef-inspired recipe kits with all the flavor-packed ingredients you need, minus the stress of complex recipes. And now, Quidco is sweetening the deal with a tempting £2.40 in free cashback when you sign up for their free trial.

How to Savor Your £2.40 Free Cashback:

  1. Visit Quidco: Kick off your savings journey by visiting the Quidco website. If you’re not already a Quidco member, don’t worry – signing up is as easy as pie.
  2. Search for SimplyCook: Once you’re in, use the search bar to find SimplyCook. Spot the tempting cashback offer waiting to make your kitchen adventures even more rewarding.
  3. Click Through to SimplyCook: Click on the cashback offer and let Quidco lead you to the SimplyCook platform. Get ready to explore a world of flavorful possibilities.
  4. Sign Up for the Free Trial: Dive into the world of SimplyCook by signing up for their free trial. Enjoy chef-designed recipes and discover a new level of culinary creativity.
  5. Embrace the Flavors: Receive your SimplyCook kit and let the culinary journey begin. From exotic spices to gourmet ingredients, every box is a culinary adventure delivered to your doorstep.
  6. Watch Your Cashback Grow: As you savor the delightful flavors of SimplyCook, Quidco will be working behind the scenes, adding £2.40 in free cashback to your account. It’s like getting paid to elevate your cooking game – a win for your taste buds and your wallet!

Top Tips for Maximizing Your Culinary Adventure:

  • Explore New Recipes: Take this opportunity to try recipes outside your comfort zone. SimplyCook’s kits make it easy to experiment with diverse and delicious dishes.
  • Share the Joy of Cooking: Get your friends involved! Share your culinary creations and let them in on the SimplyCook free trial offer and Quidco cashback.

Ready to turn your kitchen into a flavor-packed haven while earning £2.40 in free cashback? Head over to Quidco, sign up for the SimplyCook free trial, and let the culinary and cashback magic unfold.

Here’s to delightful dishes, culinary creativity, and £2.40 in free cashback – because life is too short for bland meals and missed savings opportunities! 🍲💸✨

Choose the most popular Discovery box or opt for a Vegetarian, Light or Gluten-free version. Once you receive your box, just follow the recipes, adding 4-6 items of fresh food, and enjoy a delicious meal for 2-4 people.

This is a subscription service though, so make sure you cancel after receiving your box if you do not wish to continue. Having done this trial though, I can genuinely say the meals are incredibly good.

What will Stop me getting Cashback?

  •  Cashback is only available to new customers
  •  Cashback will not be paid if you have previously registered online with this retailer
  •  Please also see the retailer’s standard terms and conditions for purchase as listed on their site
  •  Cashback will not be paid in conjunction with any other offer, voucher or discount code unless listed on this page, or with any other discounts such as staff or student discounts

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