Tesco Bank | Spend: £0 | Get: £47

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Tesco bank are offering £47 cashback for signing up for one of their Foundation credit cards. Probably best to not do too many credit card loopholes as each one will appear on your credit report, but at nearly £50, this one is a pretty good deal. You could always cancel the credit card once you’ve received your cashback.

This card is designed for people with low or know credit rating, so interest rates won’t be the best, but may be a good one for students to get started to build up a credit rating.

If you apply for a Tesco Bank Credit Card and you are not given an instant online decision (the notification given will be: ‘We may be able to give you a card’), your application will track within 3 working days into your TopCashback Earnings at a cashback value of £0.00 under the merchant Tesco Credit Card – Referred Customers.

If you are subsequently accepted for a Tesco Bank credit card following a manual review of the application, to claim your cashback you will need to ‘verify’ your sale by confirming your full name, date of birth and the first eight digits of your Tesco Bank credit card within your TopCashback account. The form to do this will be available via your ‘Account Overview’ page once your initial sale has tracked. Please complete this form to verify your sale within 3 months. Once you have verified your sale cashback should then become payable after 60 – 90 days.

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