Monese | Spend: £0 | Get: £15

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Monese is another new online only banking service. It’s quick and Free to open an account using the mobile app. No credit check are required, and you will receive £16 cashback through Topcashback (mobile only).

When you sign up, select the ‘free’ plan to maximise your profits. The card is alos currently free to order, saving another £4.95. There’s no need to switch bank accounts or any of that fuss, simply signup, spend a penny, get your £16 and then either throw it away or keep using the card!

Banking for mobile people

instant and portable across all of Europe. No proof of address required. App and service in 12 languages.

FCA Regulated

Monese is subject to FCA regulations. We protect 100% of your money by holding it at major banks and never reinvesting it.

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